Room to Room Moves

Trust Our Professionals to Get It Done Right

Even if you are only moving a piano from one room to another, you need to take a look at hiring professionals who know what they are doing. You might think you are going to save money, but the truth is that there's the time you spend not to mention the huge potential for damaging the piano itself. Contact Camel Piano Moving Company for your piano move.

We Move a Variety of Pianos

From grand pianos to upright pianos, we can move nearly every type of piano imaginable. You can rest easy knowing we have the experience and skills to take care of the most difficult jobs and to prevent damage to your piano and your floors.

Watching out for Piano Legs

A grand piano requires a lot of care to avoid putting stress on the piano legs when moving. The floor needs to be protected from damage, just as the piano legs need to be protected. We use caster cups when necessary, but our priority is always to keep your property completely safe and undamaged!

What We Provide

  • Grand pianos
  • Upright pianos
  • Piano moving safety
  • Avoid damage from dragging, lifting, or dropping the piano
  • No risk of breaking the piano legs
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Don't try to move a piano on your own. Safety matters and the pros can do it best! Call us now.
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