Mission Statement

Camel Piano Moving Company acknowledges and respects the value of their customers’ pianos regarding each piano’s age, inheritance, manufacture, and style. Professional piano mover Camel Piano Moving Company knows that the value of a piano lies not only in its monetary standard, but perhaps more importantly in the relationship of the piano to its owner. As a trusted mover, we respectfully acknowledge that

  • The relationship an owner has with their piano is different than any other

  • A piano evokes memories, feelings, and attachments

  • Pianos may be multi-generational with a family history

  • Each piano is unique due to its craftsmanship

  • A piano is not merely a piece of furniture

  • Owners are concerned about the impact of moving their piano

  • We ensure that the piano arrives in the same condition in which it was picked up

  • Service integrity is of the utmost importance

  • We take pride in our services and are honored to have been selected by our customers

  • The owner of Camel Piano Moving Company is always present and participating in every piano move, and is personally involved in every aspect of your move

Our customer service policy is built on integrity because we value our customers and their piano. We include in our price up to $50,000 cargo insurance and $1,000,000 liability insurance for every move. There are no hidden costs. We are professional piano movers who move pianos, not furniture movers who move pianos. We have been in business for over 27 years; have moved thousands of pianos, and have never had an insurance claim for damage to a piano.