The Piano Moving Checklist

There are a few things to keep in mind when preparing to move your piano. You piano is one of the heaviest items to move in your home, but it is also one of the most fragile. We at Camel Piano Moving have made it our business to safely and affordable move your piano. From a sentimental upright to a priceless grand, we have the equipment and expertise to complete your piano move in an experienced fashion. Moving a piano requires an understanding of the balance and inertia of pianos, proper equipment, and plenty of strength. The skilled professionals at Camel Piano Moving Company are fully trained in all the aspects of piano moving. From disassembly to maneuvering, we can quickly and efficiently move a piano wherever it needs to go. You can rest easy knowing you have chosen the skilled professionals with over two and half decades of experience!A

There are a few things to keep in mind when getting ready to move your piano.

1. Do not stack stuff on your piano. Your piano can be in the way during a move. it is tempting to stack boxes and other belongings on top of it. This can cause damage to the actual piano as well as cause it to be out of tune.

2. Keep your piano indoors. Again, its tempting to move it outdoors to get it out of the way during a move, but the elements, humidity and temperature can all have a negative effect on your piano. 

3. Be sure to clear the area around your piano and any stairs that we may need access to. It does take a bit of room to move and maneuver your piano, so please don't stack stuff all around it. Getting your piano down the stair is something that should only be done by professionals. For our safety, please have everything cleared from your stairs. One slip can cause both injury to our professionals and damage to your piano. 

4. Note your piano's condition. We fill out a full condition report for all long distance moves, expecting every element of your piano. you should always be aware of scratches, missing keys, lose pedals, etc before we begin the move. 

5. Know your rights. As a consumer, you have rights. Ask your mover if they have insurance. We do! Should an unexpected accident happen....what are the remedies and responsibilities of the moving company? Familiarize yourself with your rights as a consumer. 

6. Only hire experienced piano moving professionals. There are a lot of people who say they can move a piano, but do you really want to trust your piano to inexperienced movers? We are not a moving company. All we do is move pianos. We don't hire random people and day labor to move your family heirloom. all of our employed are specifically trained to move pianos.